"Assistance and Programs for Sustainable Development – Agenda 21" is a Romanian non-governmental association of national interest, not-for-profit and unaffiliated politically or religiously. The association was established in May 2003.

The fundamental goal of APSD – Agenda 21 is to support Romanian policies and efforts to promote and implement in Romania the objectives of Sustainable Development.

Our mission:

  • To develop partnerships with local authorities in order to value local initiatives and to increase efficiency of local governance;
  • To strengthen the role of social actors with high potential in enforcement of sustainable development: children and young people, local communities, private sector and business community, scientific community, media;
  • To provide assistance and support for marginalized groups or groups at risk of social exclusion.
The key-concept of APSD – Agenda 21 is Sustainable Development. A safe and prosperous future cannot be thought outside the concept of sustainable development.

Privileged target-groups are children and young people. Opportunities for education and development that are offered to children and young people are the guaranty of a healthy society.

Volunteering for the communityis one of the fundamental values of the association.


 •  Education for children and youngsters on the sustainable development topic, with focus on civic education, environmental issues and respect for the human rights;

•  Assistance and support for excluded groupsor with a high risk of social exclusion;

•  Improvement and development of social servicesand facilitating the population's access to these services;

• Lobby and informative campaignsin order to increase the different social groups' level of involvement into the community life.


Nina Cugler - President

Monica Cugler - Executive President

Alexandra Radulescu - Programs Director

Nausica Tanasescu - Accountant


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